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:::Excerpts below are from a recent interview with American Fly Outfitters, Inc, Founder and President, Dan Tilton. He offers unique insight into what makes his company special and how American Fly Outfitters has emerged as a valuable resource for fly shop owners and large outdoor retailers. 

Who is American Fly Outfitters? 
We are a manufacturer/distributor of fishing flies worldwide, servicing large outdoor retailers and fly shops directly.  Our customers include Cabela's, Bass Pro Shops, TU, online retailers and hundreds of local fly shops. 

Unless we have done business together, you may not have heard of American Fly Outfitters.  This is not surprising, we advertise minimally.  Our business aims to operate with extreme efficiency in the background of many retailers.  American Fly Outfitters has been a major commercial producer of fishing flies for over a decade providing dealers with versatile fly production, premium quality, and great selection - all at a wholesale price.  

Along with hundreds of local fly shops, we are also proud to work with:




A ‘Premium Quality' Fly – it is so cliché.  Yes, everyone claims to have premium quality.  Our flies have been tested all over the world in some of the toughest fishing conditions imaginable.  It is our philosophy to only tie with the best materials, using a dedicated team of highly-skilled professional fly tyers.  This method of doing business allows us to turn out an outstanding fly consistently.  When your customers bring our flies out on the stream, they're going to catch fish and they're going to have a good experience. 

How can we help your bottom line?  There are two key differentiators which enable us to benefit our network of retailers better than any other fly manufacturer.

1)  Our business model was designed differently.  By operating with a far more efficient inventory management process, we are able to ship premium quality flies directly to retailers for approximately 31% less than the industry average.  Not only does our approach of minimizing inventory enable us to charge less, it also prevents against material and epoxy breakdown inherent in ‘inventory flies’.

2We control the entire supply chain and distribution.  We are the manufacturer, and the distributor.  Every aspect of manufacturing, production and distribution is vertically integrated within our company.  We do not use brokers, warehousing or multi-tier distribution.  These commonly practiced strategies result in higher priced flies for the retailer.

PLUS:  No backorders, out-of-stock issues.  With AFO you will receive your fly order 100% complete, every time.  If you are you experiencing backorders and out-of-stock issues, we can help.

We are here for you.  Our commercial fly production business was founded with a single vision - to benefit you, the fly fishing dealers/retailers/re-sellers.  Whether you are a local fly shop, or multi-door retailer, we look forward to working with you as a dedicated manufacturing partner for your fishing flies.  We want to help your business thrive and your profit margins increase.

lease contact us if we can help answer any questions or assist in your buying process for fishing flies. 

Dan Tilton
American Fly Outfitters, Inc.



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